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Effective Ways To Minimize E Waste

By Oliver Smith
Published in Waste Management
July 08, 2021
6 min read
Effective Ways To Minimize E Waste

Recognize the E-waste

In the USA, e-waste management has become a major issue because of the steady flow of electronics that are old and obsolete. An estimate from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about five million metric tons of e-waste per year and this figure is expected to grow by over 100% over the next two decades!  There are well over 30 million households in the USA and not all of them know how to manage their electronic waste properly.It is an easy fact to say that every household in the world has one or more things that they no longer use. These unused things are capable of being reused or recycled and made to have a new life. These items are usually described as junk, refuse, debris etc; they can also be referred to e-waste, meaning waste electronic equipment, basically things with small circuits in them that were used for a limited period. Such items include computers, laptops, monitors and even mobile phones.But we have to understand the hazards of electronic waste and how we should best dispose them. I am not saying stick to the old stuff because it serves the purpose but be sure that what you are buying is not harmful to you or your environment. I have understood this concept after a month long research- on how to differentiate between an easily repairable or maintainable product vs. one that needs replacement or has become obsolete.With the rising popularity of technology, a large amount of electronic products are being dumped daily without even realizing it. With the increase in population, the number of such electronic products has also increased. The number of electronic gadgets in an average home can range from 30- 40 articles in just a couple of years. But what happens to all these once they get replaced with newer ones?. True to that any household in a developing country h as some level of electronic waste. These items emit harmful chemicals, whenever the equipment is discarded and finds it way to a dump site. This results in environmental insults over time. It is important not o dispose of such electronic goods by dumping them at random places.

Elongate the Life of an Appliance

These devices have been a significant part of our lives for a while now and play an important role in our day to day lives. Switching over from the ancient communication techniques of personal interaction to computerized systems seems to have eliminated the need for physical effort and replaced it with excessive use of electricity. Thereby increasing the demand for electrical appliances. Today, every home is equipped with a wide array of gadgets ranging from entertainment systems like T.V., DVD players, Sound systems, gaming consoles, laptops and other home based machines as well as mobile solutions (smartphones/ mobiles/tabs) which has led to an exponential increase in the production of electrical and electronic equipment.Life style changes are also important when it comes to e-waste ( something which is not going to change for the near foreseeable future).   Take this article by Native Revival about Worn out appliances   This is an extremely effective way to reduce ones contribution to e-waste as well as save some coin simultaneously. For a person like myself who has been trying to match his expenditures with his income, reducing the purchase of new appliances/devices falls into line.Whenever you buy a new appliance, it will come with an instruction book that explains how the machine works and where each part fits. A majority of people do not read the small print in these books and take the manufacturer’s word for guarantee. Remember to not only read the book but also consult a friend who knows how to fix things because some manufacturers will have loopholes designed into them that make them unusable or repairable as written in the book.The first thing you should do is back-up your master data and save it elsewhere, just in case. Some repair parts can be purchased on the web. Remember to make sure that you have all the tools prior to making your purchase online or offline. There is a chance that if you are not used to fixing electronic appliances, then it would be better to hire some expert for the job.

Seek Gadgets on Rent

Search for Gadgets on Rent in Delhi Delhi is a city which is home to a huge population. This can be attributed to the glamour of the city and people from across the globe coming to learn from it. The financial capital of the country has everything in store for you. A lot of people are on a lookout for gadgets and while buying, an average gadget costs around ₹70,000-75,000. It’s worthwhile to invest that amount but you may not have that money if your fixed investment is lower or your regular income isn’t very high. It thus becomes important that you think about renting gadgets and pay monthly for them till you don’t need them anymore.The great thing about consuming music online is that you can find a large amount of songs on various sites which allow you to enjoy wide varieties of music. The best way to listen to music is to stream it. However, you might have faced some problems with the streaming services in the past. So, if you are looking for an alternative then here we present some of the great sites where one can listen to music online free of cost.Renting gadgets is a fast growing trend that is taking a spot light in the market these days. People are now aware that they can rent products rather than buying them. This has led to the development of dozens of online and offline stores that offer to provide people with all kinds of items on rent. One can rent almost anything from cameras to phones or even household appliances at a cost-effective rate.Sometimes, when we need an appliance or a piece of equipment for a specific amount of time, we might not want to invest in that appliance or equipment for a number of reasons. It could be because we just do not need it for long or it could also be because the item is cost prohibitive. This is where letting someone else handle the responsibility can come to your rescue.

Lookout for Environment-friendly Products

The products that are developed based on environment-friendly practices probably have longer life spans, and seldom require replacement. This can stop the havoc caused by the improper disposal of an obsolete product. Enhanced service life, less electrical/electronic waste, lesser greenhouse gas emission etc. prove to be the unquestionable benefits of the green technology.These days, the world is witnessing a tremendous global warming. To check this pollution at national level, the Government has planned to control exports of electronic goods. These products are widely consumed across the world which can be summed up by saying they are among the top exported items.Ancient tips of making things eco-friendly fall short of the present day environment and technologies as they cannot suit the need of our time. Keeping this into consideration, the government bodies have introduced green laws to save the planet from climate change.

Lastly, Recycle to the Maximum Extent

Anytime there is a skip put on the market, it is recommended that it should not be used as a long term solution to the problems of disposing of the trash. As a matter of fact, it is only considered a temporary solution due to the fact that it will be emptied from time to time in accordance to the law and the set standards. When people get the chance to take advantage of cheap skip hire, they are very keen on using it as an alternative way of disposing trash. This eventually leads to people getting employed by the companies that are offering cheaper skips for short term purpose. It is important for people to acknowledge that these companies are only there to earn and nothing else. They usually take advantage of that and dispose off your. Recycling of waste has become extremely popular these days, and this is justified. Everyone is aware of the necessity of recycling in a way that ensures that resources are not wasted and the environment stays clean. Businessmen are also aware of the fact that when they choose skip hire services to dispose their waste materials, more value can be added to them. The incredible transformation in the collection and recycling processes has been enabled by the development of sophisticated recycling equipment and technology.The e-waste recycling process is a work in progress that we can all take part in. Recycling your e-waste means that you not only avoid landfill waste, but put money in your own pocket instead. Take care next time you need a cheap skip hire using the above tips and the garbage will be gone before you know it! What do you think is the best way to recycle?. It is no news that the electronic items are only going to deplete in future. The more you use these products, the more the waste you are going to produce. A lot of e-waste is manufactured legally under strict central government rules and regulations with a high tax collection on them, which goes to the environment protection.


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Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith

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