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Filling Up The Skip In The Correct Way

By Oliver Smith
Published in Skip Hire
July 08, 2021
5 min read
Filling Up The Skip In The Correct Way

Choose the Right Size

When it comes to Hiring a skip in Ayrshire, make sure you know what you want. Skips come in all shapes and sizes, so consider whether you need a roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) skips, which are suited for heavy construction projects such as house buildings. This can save money is some cases. They allow you to load waste on top of the skip, therefore using all the available space inside the skip.Easily, the skip you are going to hire would be much less than the size of the landfill. You would have to fill it up and wait for the garbage collection trucks to collect the load of waste from your site. Then with all this time spent on loading and unloading, skips will lose their worth.There are a number of companies who provide the service of skip hire in Melbourne. The fact is that all the companies don’t give the same quality services to their customers. It is important for you to do some research before choosing the one that can be suitable for your project.

Know about Weight Restrictions

Weight is a very important factor in hiring a skip. You should always check out the weight restriction on each size of skip available to you. Most companies provide skips ranging from 4 yards and 5 yards. The actual problem occurs when you want to hire a bigger skip, for instance an 8 yard skip but discover that your local council has weight restriction for different areas. In addition to the above, there are also conditions related to natural and man-made obstacles as well as parking restrictions which come into play while choosing the ideal place for the skip which can affect its safe operation during transportation, loading and unloading of waste material into it, and can even cause damage to the property surrounding it due to overflow.Just why do we set such restrictions? The answer lies in the fact that skips come with a certain load bearing capacity. When you fill them, your waste quantity should not cross the stipulated weight limit. If it happens, then you cannot carry the waste load in the skip and end up paying for overloading. You need to make sure that you hire an expert team for skip bin hire so that they are aware of the correct loading capacity of your waste.The first item that is essential to take care of in the process of hiring a skip is the capacity the skip will have. Different companies have different kind of skips and each has different weight restrictions. This makes it necessary for you to take this point into consideration. If you are using or planning to use a particular company or skip size, then your activity depends on the weight limits associated with them.Working on a construction site or house redevelopment? Why not hire a skip to deal with the waste? Skips are available in various sizes. It is often seen that people take a skip that is too big or too small for their requirement. In this article, we’ll explain the steps involved in hiring skips and use them correctly. We will also have a look at how to measure the skip size requirement before you hire a skip.When you hire a skip the first thing that pops in your mind is what all I can stuff in it? Should I fill it all the way to the top, is there a maximum weight restriction? Do these questions make your mind spin round? Well, if they do then we are going to help you.

Avoid Over-Filling

In deciding what sort of skip to hire, make sure you get a quote from the skip hire company first. When you give them some particulars about your project, you can be sure that they will quote you a price for the job. No matter how tight your budget is, or even if you don’t have any budget at all, do not hesitate to talk about it with them. They offer flexible pricing and payment structure to their customers.So, if you are reading this post, then chances are that you may have been caught up by some scam or over-enthusiastic claims that skip hire companies make regarding the free waste disposal you get when you hire one of their skips. Of course, this seems to be a very attractive offer at first, but keep your eyes open and your mind clear before you sign any contract.Over-filling the skip hire will cause you a lot of trouble. It will not only make it hard for you to handle the skip but also may result in you creating an illegal situation. In some cases, your waste can spill over from skip and make the street messy. Also, if a waste collection agency comes to collect your waste, they will charge extra for cleaning up your mess.Weight restrictions— these are set by the company. In case you have excess amount of waste and need the skip to hold more, then you can request the company to allow it. By all means, do not over-fill the skips because apart from causing inconvenience to other clients, they can even be dangerous.You may think that three skips will cost £300 while two skips will cost £250, but during skip hire the price may be reduced by 20%, that makes one skip just £200 and other two skips as £150; this is how you over-fill the skips.Want to know what is the right thing to do with your skip hire? There is a skip size for each kind of waste you want to dispose at your home. This will help you make the best out of the money you spend on hiring a skip bin.

Know the Waste Type

It is important to hire a skip that is most suitable for the waste you want to get rid of. If the waste found in your house or business is too hazardous for standard disposal, it is essential to call on experts. You need to decide whether you want to hire a skip or a dumpster for rubbish clearance. Skips are ideal if you have large amounts of waste. A Skip Hire Company will be able to provide you with containers that will be able to hold all your rubbish, no matter how much there is. If you choose a Waste Removal company instead, they will be able to offer you smaller containers that can be emptied more frequently.Hiring a skip is a task that ought to be left to the professionals. It is one of the best ways to clear your mess or debris in one go. However, you cannot do anything about the things that will be dumped into the skip. This is why; you need to hire it from the experts like Skip Hire Hackney, who have experience in dealing with waste. By hiring a skip, you are not only clearing your space, but also take care of your environment by recycling and composting wastes.Now that you know the type of waste to get rid of, the next step is to choose a skip size. Dumpsters, although compact in size, come in various sizes and capacities. The capacity of the bin will indicate how much waste you can throw inside. If you have to dispose of bulky and heavy things like large pillars or old furniture, you need to get a large dumpster size that will help you transport such huge objects easily.The rules are complicated when it comes to which type of waste must be placed in a particular skip. But, you can always call the professionals for help if you’re not sure about which skip to book for your waste disposal job.There are four types of waste- general, domestic, commercial and industrial. Different types of skips have been designed for different types of waste which are discussed below:.


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