How Companies Cheat with Hazardous Waste

walmart hazardous waste

Some time ago we met a fellow, who’s name we won’t be disclosing here. He told us about how company he works for is knowingly dumping hazardous waste with the rest of the garbage. While in this particular case we couldn’t do anything, the idea stuck in our heads and we wanted to find out if this is a onetime instance or a standard practice.

Now we can confirm that the amount of ‘cheaters’ is shocking and terrifying.

Why Companies Cheat

companies dumping waste

For obvious reasons, saving costs. Hazardous waste is different from other kinds of waste due to its contamination of the soil. Naturally, when too much waste seeps into the ground, it enters the ecological system and eventually you end up eating and drinking the waste you got rid of.

Currently, most hazardous waste can only be stored, but in order to bring it into the landfill, there has be special precautions taken to eliminate the possibility of the waste spilling into the ground. That’s what companies have to pay for when they make the dump, but often don’t.

What happens when you get caught

In addition to the numerous rumors we heard about these shady practices, we started following the news for these stories. Almost a year ago, U.S. President Donald Trump reversed regulations to allow companies dump coal into the rivers. Which allowed cheating the hazardous waste regulations even easier.

dumping coal

And even if you get caught, nothing happens. $180,000 and $500,000 fines seem like a lot but you have to remember that we are talking about million-dollar+ annual revenue companies here.

It’s like fining $600-billion worth Google $30 million. These companies make the money many times over and are not concerned at the slightest of these fines. And that will be the case until individuals, CEOs and regional managers have to take individual responsibility for these actions.


Some of you will say that companies don’t do that much damage. The numbers add up the most in the cases of the individual families. There is some truth in that. But, keep in mind that there is a difference in the hazardous waste companies produce as opposed to the individuals. While both should be taken control of, at this point companies are easier to manage. And they must be. Because you just know that if the company can get away with something, they will make sure they do.