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Prepare Your Garden For Spring

By Tom Windsor
Published in Waste Management
July 08, 2021
3 min read
Prepare Your Garden For Spring

Giving your plants a bit of TLC

There could be many reasons why your plants have passed on. If youve used seeds you may not have done a great job of preparing the soil for them all, and it still may not be too late to turn it around. There could be a better location available for some of your other plants in which case you need to transplant them into pots ready to move. You should always check that there are no pests or diseases hiding away amongst them that could spread throughout your garden and cause problems later.Most of the plants Ive grown, from vegetable to delightful flowers, have been provided by supermarkets and garden centres. This means that theyve probably come in for a transitory time at my house, with no real chance to become close. When i give them up to the cold months outside, theyre often not given much thought about. Theyre just left in an empty pot, facing a long winter-period full of rain and frost. In short, each plant is thrown away.There arent many of us who simply wish to kill plants on a regular basis. Sometimes this is something we have no control over, but it also has the ability to be brought under your control with some tender loving care you might not have considered when you first planted them. Ive had a lot of success with my own garden, but I know that its come a long way since my dad taught me how to grow plants as a child.

Cleaning your solid surfaces

Time to get the patio ready for your barbecue season? Are your decking surfaces looking scruffy at the moment? Whether you’re tidying up for Spring or getting a head start on Winter, it’s time to remove the weeds from around your solid structures, clean them and protect them before the arrival of next season. Here are seven things you need to do today to get your patio and decking in shape.

Clearing out summerhouses, greenhouses and sheds

Given the likelihood that you will be storing items in the shed this summer, you need to ensure that it is actually secure and that no one else can gain entry. All too often we hear about these outbuildings being broken into at night, not to mention the negative repercussions of having your equipment stolen – if this happens on a regular basis there would be little point in having them in the first place.Gardening equipment outbuildings can tend to be magnets for things that we just don’t need anymore. Items like bikes, toys and trikes, or even kids’ playhouses. We fully admit to being guilty of this ourselves! Give yourself a tidy with the aim of making space in your garden shed, summerhouse or greenhouse so you can make the most of it when you need it.Garden sheds, playhouses and summerhouses should be thought of as giant recycling bins for your garden. Rather than letting them get cluttered with unwanted items, you should clear out anything that you won’t be using over the next few months in preparation for a busy summertime.

Cutting and pruning your branches

Any garden can also benefit from a little bit of pruning over the winter, especially on those trees that are getting a bit large and might soon start blocking out the light to other plants.  Those with exposed root systems tend to benefit from pruning as well, as this can help them look good all year round (for example, if youre trying to keep a number of hydrangeas looking fresh throughout the year).You dont want to pay the price for a tree surgeon, particularly if youre doing it every year. The best way to avoid this is prevention, so that you never have to prune your trees and shrubs in the first place. Dont just take a plant from a garden centre and put it straight in your garden; research its suitability in advance, so youre installing the best species for the area where you live.Before you start pruning, make sure youve got the right tools for the job. A good pair of loppers are perfect for handling hard jobs, like getting rid of branches that have grown back together after hedging, while a small hand saw is useful for low hanging branches and shrubs. You might also want to invest in a tough rake and an extra large bag when it comes to garden waste disposal.So what should we be pruning and cutting? Well, although it can seem an overwhelming task, the bigger picture is that you just want to do enough to keep the plant in good shape — and not leave too many broken branches behind. If youre not sure how tall a tree is or whether it might be dangerous to climb up it, dont. Find someone who has the skills to help you out.Winter is probably the best time to prune your garden. The plants are dormant, so they wont mind you cutting away at them, and the branches arent so likely to get covered in sap and debris. If you do any pruning in the autumn, try and keep it tidy and clear away all the bits and bobs that get left behind.


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