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4 Yard Skips Guide

By Oliver Smith
Published in Skip Hire
July 08, 2021
13 min read
4 Yard Skips Guide

What is a 4 yard skip?

A 4 yard skip is the most popular size of skip for home use. Skips are a common way to get rid of waste materials. A 4 yard skip is a standard sized skip that can hold more than 2 cubic yards of waste, which is the equivalent of 10 black refuse sacks full of mixed rubbish. Here at City Bin Co, we offer customers an extensive range of recycling skips and waste removal options. Our skips are available in five sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 yard; and one option for you to choose from if youre looking for a large 1 tonne commercial skip.A 4 yard skip is the kind of low-cost waste disposal service that you will find yourself using when your household and garden waste has accumulated to a stage where you cant put it out with your regular collection. Typically, these mini skips will come in between 2 and 4 cubic yards of storage space. While this is normally more than enough for the average household, it might be worth taking a look at the bigger 8 yard versions if you have a larger amount of junk to dispose of.Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but it does affect what you get for your money when hiring a skip. You see, most skip hire companies include their prices in the name of their skip. So, when we say that our standard 4 yard is £103.75, that means the price includes our 4 yard skip, plus the lorry that drives it to you, plus the site permit if you need one.The 4-yard skip is very popular in the UK and Europe, not to be confused with the 6-yard which is a much bigger size fit for your home renovations. Creating jobs like this can be done by any handyman, but there are some things you need to consider before hiring one. These jobs can include:.

Quick tip on hiring a 4 yard skip:

Hiring a skip in a hurry can often lead to mistakes because time is limited. It can be hard to think straight on some projects but hiring a skip doesnt always have to be difficult. If you want to hire a skip in London, then you will first need to decide what the skip is for. The guidelines for the type of skip will vary according to what you intend on placing in it.A 4 yard skip is perfectly sized for carrying out household clearance, re-decorating jobs and other similar chores in the garden. But just like with most things, there can be some confusion over the 4 yard term. The first thing to bear in mind is that a 4 yard skip refers to its capacity..It’s not all that unusual for folks to order a 4 yard skip and then be upset when it doesn’t arrive exactly as expected. A lot of people are familiar with skips in general, but might not be aware of the specific measurements.If youre hiring a skip in a hurry, it can even be easy to trip yourself up on the measurements! The 4 yards term refers to its capacity, not its length. The length of a 4 yard skip is actually only 6 feet, or 2 yards.

How much does a 4 yard skip cost?

Firstly, it is important to realize that the size of a 4 yard skip is quite small. This means that it will not be able to hold a significant amount of waste. For this reason, you might have to hire multiple skips if you are looking to clear a large amount of junk or waste. It is important that you are aware of the total weight that can be squeezed into a 4 yarder before looking for one to hire.Skip hire prices are as cheap as they’ve ever been. In fact, there are plenty of skips available from under £50. Naturally, this can make it a little difficult to determine just how much your skip will end up costing. To help you navigate prices effectively, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to skip hire costs so that you can find a skip at the best possible price!. For example the area you live will be a factor in the cost of skip hire . More densely populated areas such as London will have skips that are a lot more expensive than those in rural areas. Making sure you know where your nearest waste disposal site is will help to ensure you are hiring from a licensed site.It is important to understand how much a skip will cost you if you are looking to have one for any kind of house or commercial redevelopment project, or just want a skip for general home use. There are several factors which can affect the cost of hiring and using a 4 yard skip:. First of all, it is important to ensure you are comparing the price of skips accurately. We have compiled a list of services people often compare for skip hire and made a useful comparison chart for you below – note that the price of each skip may vary slightly between firms.What is a skip?. Skip hire, or as it’s more formally referred - waste management services, is the process of hiring a company to collect and dispose of your waste properly. Skips can be hired for various reasons depending on your needs.

How long can I hire a 4 yard skip for?

How long does a 4 yard skip hire for? Well it depends on what company you’re hiring from. Here at Skip Hire Network we have a fixed hire period of 14 days. However, there are other companies who can offer longer hire periods. This is where you need to be extra careful! The last thing you want to do is pay for a skip for longer than you need it. You may end up paying for this in the form of an additional skip bill!. How long can I hire a 4 yard skip for?. This question gets asked more often than you’d imagine! There are some factors that come into play here, which could affect exactly how long you’re allowed to hire your skip for. Of course, the length of time also depends on how long you need it for, and how many skips you have hired at the same time (if you did).The skip hire of a 4 yard skip is the same as the price list for the 6 yard skip. The length of time you can hire a skip for depends on how long you actually need it. If you hire a skip for longer than you need it, no problem, our drivers will come and take away your junk at the end of your hire period.How long can I hire a skip for?.  This is a common question we receive, and there are two factors which dictate the answer. The first factor is how long can you afford to hire your skip for? but this one is up to you.

How big is a 4 yard skip?

So, you’re in the market for a skip. But which size should you choose? The smallest skip is often called the ‘4 yard skip’ – but what does this mean? How big is a 4 yard skip, really? And could it be better suited to your task than a larger skip might be? The basic size of wheeled skips (the kind you can rent from your local waste disposal company) ranges from 2 yards (sometimes called an 8 yard), to 14 yards (a 6 or 8 cubic yard skip). But most of these are based on metric measurements.Skips are available in a wide range of sizes, from 2-yard skips all the way up to 40-yard super-highway vehicles, but one of the most popular sizes is smaller skip that can still hold a significant amount of rubbish. The 4-yard skip is one such example, and is considered to be a good all-rounder for home owners that will take care of most waste disposal jobs.The size of your skip is about more than just its capacity. Small skips like the 4-yard skip are also generally easier to accommodate in your driveway or garden, which can handily save you a bit of money on skip hire permits.A 4-yard skip is a good fit for many household jobs. Anything from a loft clearance or house move to an office clear out, but what size of skip is a 4 yarder? And what exactly is a ‘4 yard skip’? Well, here’s the lowdown.How big is a 4 yard skip? It’s a question worth asking, whether you’re hiring one for waste disposal or simply want to know which size of skip you need for the job.There are some factors to consider when trying to work out the volume of your skip. Here’s a quick guide to how big a four yard skip is, and how much it could hold.

How much will a 4 yard skip hold?

What is a 4 yard skip? A skip hire size of 4 yards is one of the more popular sizes when it comes to skip hire, as it represents just the right amount of space for those who are wanting to get rid of waste but without too much effort. 4 yards can hold between 25 and 30 black bin bags, or 12-15 wheelie bins worth of waste. These skips are usually relevant for those who know they have space for a larger 4 yard skip , yet still need to dig a bit deeper into their wallets.If youre trying to get a feel for how many bags or wheelie bins that equates to, its roughly about the same volume of waste youd get rid of from a 3 bed semi detached house. That may not provide much of an insight into how much space 4 yards really is but itll certainly get you thinking more clearly about which skip size youll need for your home improvements project.So now you know roughly how much a 4 yard skip will hold. Make your search easier. Search for local offers online, view the pictures of the skips and see if they are one youd like in your garden, driveway or outside your business. It can be easy to make a mistake when looking for a skip, best to make sure you get one that is the right size for what you want it for.

Will I need a skip hire permit for a 4 yard skip?

Most private roads are classed as council property. In this case, youll need a skip hire permit from the local council to put your skip on the road. You can get these free of charge but they are not always easy to obtain, especially in more built-up areas where space on the road is limited. If you get refused for a permit once, all is not lost. Some councils offer an appeal process which can be used if you feel youve been turned down unfairly or have special circumstances which mean that getting a skip hire permit shouldnt be too much of a problem for you.If you cant put your skip on private land, then youll need to apply for a permit from the council first. Theres likely to be a ‘skip hire permit’ charge added to this cost, and this would differ between councils. If you need to get a permit from your local council you can usually do so fairly easily online. Its best to check directly with them, though. Do I need a permit? - If youre putting your skip hire on public land, such as a public road, private property (such as a neighbour’s driveway), or government (public) land (such as in a car park), youll need to get permission from the owner before you start. This is known as a “skip hire permit” or “skip permit”.Skip hire permits are handled by your local council. This is to ensure they dont create a hazard or cause an obstruction, and so no unauthorised activity takes place on their land. The day you put the skip on public land, youll need to get your permit from the council.The answer to the question, will I need a skip hire permit, all depends on where you want to place your skip. If its in the road (public land) youll need a permit for it. However if it is placed on your land or driveway (private land) then no permit is necessary.

Where can I hire a 4 yard skip?

Just give us a quick ring at the number you see in the box above, or drop us an email using this contact form and we can set up a time that suits you to book your skip. With our easy 3 step process in place, it will be delivered right where you want it, when you want it, hassle free - no need to worry about permits, no bringing the skip back to the depot! All of our skips are fully enclosed to stop any nuisance from happening on your property.Head to our homepage, and type in your post code and phone number. We’ll get back to you with a fixed price skip hire quote. So what are you waiting for? Let us know when you need the skip, and we’ll arrange it all for you - including taking away your old skips at the end of their lives!. Are you ready to get an instant skip hire quote? Type in your postcode onto our homepage and get started. Our skip hire network and skip sizes make it quick and easy for us to find a local supplier for your skip. And with prices from just £150. Skip Hire Network is one stop shop for all your skips, whenever you need them. And we werent afraid to strip back our processes so that they were as simple and straightforward as possible.

Garden waste

After carrying out research into the disposal of Garden Waste, here are some of our findings. We looked at three different methods to dispose of garden waste, these being taking it to your nearest tip, hiring a skip and hiring a mini-digger. When looking in to how much each waste company charged for their service we found that the cheapest cost was £26 for an 8 yard skip and £85 for 150kgs of waste.  This shows how much you can potentially save by hiring a mini-digger.  If you hire a mini digger in Essex Road they will also remove any rubble from your kitchen or bathroom renovation, free of charge.Garden waste is always the most popular type of rubbish we remove from homes. The amount of garden waste we are removing from addresses in York is getting rapidly bigger, by over a third in the last two years. We have a separate skip for garden waste, but also people are starting to try and recycle more so the skips are getting full quite quickly - this is good news for the planet and the wildlife.Do you need a one off size skip? Big enough to clear out your garden or remove some building waste. Or you may be thinking of building an extension but want to find out what can and cant be recycled first.Garden waste makes up a large proportion of many skip collections. Our crew will be happy to take your garden waste away, as long as you know it’s not going in the skip.Last year, Garden Waste made up around 80% of the skip hire industrys revenue. Hiring a skip for your garden waste services is the best way to get rid of it.Got a heap full of garden waste and nowhere to put it? Our green garden waste skips are the perfect solution.

Building waste

What can you put in a skip? That’s what we’re here to answer. As skippers, we are constantly asked this question, so we’ve listed the most common items. Of course, we would love to give you a full list of absolutely everything that could ever be collected and sent to landfill, but the truth is, there is no such comprehensive list available. The reason for this being that each council has its own regulations about what you can dispose of via your local skip and therefore what you can’t dispose of via your local skip is somewhat random.If you are moving home, then you may be wondering what can you put in a skip. You have probably heard of people throwing pretty much anything they like into the skip, but this is not the best solution at all. There are some materials that are too dangerous to put into a skip. You also could cause a problem with the Council recycling and waste facilities by putting things like one of these in a skip.Building waste is a highly sought after commodity. Anyone can find it hard to let go of items which are considered junk by others but may be of use elsewhere. If you are looking to dispose of building waste, then it is wise to know the right people to sell them to.Those of you who are property developers and need a skip bin in Surrey maybe wondering if they should be using a skip bin or hire a waste removal truck. We thought we should write our blog post to show the advantages of both especially when doing construction.Building waste. It is one of the most annoying things to remove after a home or office refurbishment. It is heavy, awkward and you cant get rid of it in your usual rubbish bin. This could be why so much building waste ends up in the landfill.Building waste removal can take up a lot of time and money. So what can you throw in a skip you may be wondering? Skips are built for rubbish clearance, so by helping the council you are contributing to reducing waste and pollution.

Household waste

One of the most stressful things about moving is clearing out all the junk from your old house. Rubbish removal is a particularly onerous task and unless you are happy throwing things in skips, it can take up a lot of time and energy. I know this from personal experience – I’ve moved about five times in my adult life so far (and will probably move again next year) and have had to do a major clear out each time. Then there’s avoiding piles of boxes and bags of paper building up in your living room, and time spent trying to locate important documents as you can’t find anywhere sensible to store them. I haven’t even mentioned hiring vans and packing boxes your employers are never going. When you contact a skip hire company, their first question is “what sort of rubbish do you have?”. If you are using a skip hire service for the first time, they may seem simply inquisitive because they need to know what size skip they need send. Or it could be because your items will affect what the fees will be and how much time it will take to load the waste onto the lorry and unload it at the recycling centre or landfill site.More than anything else, we would like to ensure that our waste management companies look after the environment. After all, we are also dependents on it for our survival and existence. However, apart from environmental consciousness, our job as a builder or a homeowner requires us to manage our household waste in an efficient manner. Skips are very helpful in managing your rubbish in many ways.Household waste is a growing problem all over the UK. One of the main reasons is that most of us are simply unaware of what we are disposing of and where. Aside from the waste that goes into our skips, many people just don’t know how to dispose of it. The most common question we get asked at Skips for Hire is: “Can I dump a fridge in a skip?”.We could all do with a little help at home. If you are thinking of doing up or redecorating, you might be planning on hiring a skip to get rid of the junk you will be clearing out. Maybe you need a skip for other reasons, but what is apparent is that you need some advice about what can and cant go in a skip.Household waste.   To find out what you cant put in one of our skips, you can read our blog post about what cant go in a skip.


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