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Importance Of Carefully Pick Your Skip Hire Provider

By Tom Windsor
Published in Skip Hire
July 08, 2021
4 min read
Importance Of Carefully Pick Your Skip Hire Provider

Fly tipping is on the rise in large cities across the UK

In order to tackle the problem, councils are spending millions trying to find new ways of cutting down on fly tipping. Some areas are using apps to make it easier for people to report fly tipping, but others have introduced fines or tagged offenders in public places in order to shame them into stopping. Then there are also the councils who are looking at ways of collecting evidence for fly tipping cases by entering people’s private property.In the third edition of Business Insider’s podcast “The Morning Download,” I spoke with Sam Roudman, who tracks the issue for The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, about the rise in fly tipping and how local authorities are trying to curb the problem. You can listen to our discussion here or find it on iTunes here . And here’s a transcript of our conversation:. Fly tipping is where someone takes your rubbish and dumps it on the side of the road. When this happens, it isn’t just your personal waste that is causing a problem. Not only is it dangerous for residents, but also for wildlife and the environment because some of this could be toxic.Most instances of fly tipping are small scale, and have been carried out by individuals. However, there is mounting evidence that a significant number of fly tips are the work of professional companies rather than people looking to cut corners whilst disposing of rubbish.

How do fly tipping gangs operate?

In many instances, fly tipping can be a genuine accident. For instance, there are reported instances of people accidentally disposing their waste in the wrong containers, such as food waste being thrown out with their recycling. Or maybe they just didn’t want to pay for the skip and took dumping their waste outdoors as an alternative. Some may even hire a third-party skip waste service to take the rubbish away, only for it to be seen being dumped outside a house like in the example below.Fly tipping, or the illegal disposal of waste is a crime in the UK. However, fly tipping continues to be an issue as there are businesses operating around the country disposing of waste illegally and outraging local residents. What’s more, gang members often work in teams removing waste from your properties so you can’t even hand over CCTV evidence to prove who was responsible if you have time to set it up. As a result, it makes it hard for councils to enforce any reported incidents.There are numerous websites and online directories that allow for the comparison of waste disposal prices and services. These sites are open to abuse from fly tipping gangs as they can simply set up fake profiles or switch web domains when a client starts getting suspicious. Once this has happened, they will offer their services to the unsuspecting victim at a significantly reduced price.Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste materials on land. Fly-tippers will typically transport waste from a location by truck to an open space such as an alleyway, car park or roadside where it is dumped and left in a random manner. There are currently no official figures available regarding the number of falsely registered businesses offering waste disposal services.Organised gangs have been operating for many years, they usually operate out of your typical large vans, however in recent years there has been a rise in larger vehicles including articulated lorries and even agricultural vehicles. These larger vehicles are used to transport non-household wastes such as fly tipping from building sites.

Why you can trust us at Skip Hire Network

The decision to use a skip company, and the one you choose, are both important. We know that the costs involved in hiring a skip can be high - as much as £250 for over 100 cubic metres (that’s a 20 yarder). As this is such a large sum of money, many people need to research the market and find the best deal they can get. On top of this, with all the companies out there, how do you choose just one? You want to trust someone with your personal information after all. Hiring a skip is one aspect of disposing of your waste which you do not want to be compromised by anything untoward.Our mission is to provide you with a clean, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your waste material. That’s why we created Skip Hire Network – to deliver more than just the cheapest skips around. Skip Hire Network encourages customers to recycle as much as possible by offering a 90% recycling rate, and we do all we can to make sure your skip is like a mobile bin that travels around recycling everything you put into it.However, the proof isn’t in our recycling. We need to show you that we are genuine and trustworthy by going above and beyond our green promises. So, we will do this by incorporating a case study on the benefits of skip hire into the design of your website. This will show you our commitment to helping the environment while saving money.If you’re wondering why you can trust us to get the waste out of your way, it’s all down to our experience. We’ve been in the industrial waste disposal business for over 40 years, which means we’ve learned a thing or two about managing waste and recycling.As a family run business which has been around since 2009 and is a trusted dad and uncle run company, we have over ten years experience. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our friendly staff, fast delivery times and brilliant deals.


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