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Reasons To Hire A Skip For Diy Renovations

By Tom Windsor
Published in Skip Hire
July 08, 2021
3 min read
Reasons  To Hire A Skip For Diy Renovations

1. You can clear space as you go

If you have a tight space, you don’t have to move tons of material out of your way before you even begin working. Instead of having to clear away everything in order to do so, you can just pull away the boards as you need them. This is super helpful for avoiding injury as well as speedier work.

2. You can make the task a lot safer

Even when the work is being carried out inside, there are still plenty of ways for you to be in safe. For example, a lot of workers, even though they will not be working directly indoors, will still arrive via a skip. If you’re inside the property through an upstairs window say, you can wait until they are in the skip and then climb down. By the time they’ve worked out that you’ve exited your new hiding place, you should disappear from sight. In doing so, you’ll have cut off the likely escape route they were counting on (unless else of course there’s another door which can be opened).But this benefit also extends to when youre doing more day to day jobs like wall-boarding, removing drywall, and so on. If you are going to be potentially working with power tools (not that we recommended them anyway!) then having a skip outside means that if things go wrong, you can just chuck what ever debris you are working with in the skip! This takes away a lot of the risk of potentially causing damage and harming yourself or anyone else.But having a skip also makes your whole project safer. By far your biggest danger to health and safety comes from heavy lifting, the process of carrying a heavy weight. By adopting our first tip, youre already removing big items of waste that would otherwise have had to be lifted out manually. By hiring a skip, you can now get rid of all waste - no need for tricky calculations.But theres more than just not having to worry about clutter when things become uproarious. With a skip you can make the refuse in your property much safer - you wont have to worry about it lying around or being scattered all over the place, and small items like nails, screws, and other sharp pieces can be safely contained within the skip itself so nobody gets hurt.

3. Its quick and easy to get rid of the waste once youre done

Once you’ve taken out the rubbish from your home, or from wherever else you may have been renovating, theres a quick and easy way to make sure there is minimal waste: hire a skip. This method is called Skip Hire. Skip Hire works by renting the storage space within a moving truck or trailer for all the waste that needs to be cleared up. At the end of the period that youve rented it for, whether you can fit all of your waste in the truck or not, it will be collected by professionals, and you wont have to mess about with getting rid of the leftovers yourself.Once youve finally finished cleaning up, theres no need to worry about putting all your waste and rubble in a corner of your house, in bags or in bins. A skip is a relatively fast and efficient way to get rid of everything that might not fit into your garbage bin. Again, its important not to let it sit there for long, because it would turn into a terrible mess — that even the neighbours will notice.Weve been the people next door to you, who cannot believe that 2 skip bins would make such a difference. Well, we cant wait to take your rubbish away, and we cant guarantee that it will solve all your problems, but we can say— if you are looking for a resolution to all that waste at your property, then hiring a skip is definitely the way to go.Once youve finished the renovation job, all the debris will be piled in one place ready to be taken away. This means you can clear up all that mess in a snap, rather than having to search through the junk in your house! It will also save you a fair bit of time if youve got a busy schedule post-renovation.Its hard to say exactly why this is the case, but it could be because of two reasons – because you want to clear up before the skip arrives, or because youve just spent four weeks building a patio so your home looks great. Something about it has definitely improved your motivation.


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Tom Windsor

Tom Windsor

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